30 Day Challenge

You have goals? You know you have take action. So why haven’t you started? We are very good at getting in our own way! Fear, procrastination, being busy doing anything but actually taking action. I know – I’ve been there. Until one day I wasn’t. One day I got out of my way and have never looked back! What changed? Someone was holding me accountable. Daily focus and action = results. Fact. Need help? Lets talk.

90 Day – Life Transformation Project

you are ready to start living a vibrant, colorful life but you are not sure how or where to start. You are longing to feel vibrant, energetic, clarity and reach for the stars you just know are there waiting for you…somehow…if only you could stretch that far. This is the transformation program that will get you there.


So, you found your way here ... you are feeling like there must be something more. More time, more freedom, more love, more joy, more ...like you... if only you could start the journey... only a single step but you are afraid. You label it lots of things but you really know that its fear and that really you are the one getting in your own way... (I get it)

You want to achieve something amazing with this life because you know you have it in you....you're just not sure what 'it' is ...or how to start...

The pull inside of you that is telling you have more, something to offer, to say, to create, to do. And you would, I mean you could, if only you were more qualified, slimmer, richer, knew more, had more time...

And then...you will focus on you, when you deserve it... when you have lost 10kgs, paid down the mortgage, got the kids through school...

You tell yourself 'you are not yet good enough', 'there are people out there so much better than you" you can't because of this" "You want to, but ...."

I hear you. I see you.

Whatever story you are telling yourself..."will keep you exactly where you are"

After hitting a pretty low point (read more on the 'Hi, I'm Jo" page), I kind of woke up and decided I was tired of living this amazing life in my head. I am passionate about this and I know I can do it. (even if I'm petrified of trying).

Yes, I'm terrified of being seen and noticed -I (used) to tell myself I don't know enough to follow my dreams. I can't because I'm a mum, too busy, can't leave my job, it's not the right time just now, I don't deserve it..yada, yada, yada...there were many more excuses but basically they were exactly that - ALL JUST LAME EXCUSES....and more of the same ol' BS...

So I did something that changed the course of my life. I hired a coach.

It was a big investment, financially, I felt exposed and vulnerable. I panicked. After hiring them I spent about 2 weeks bouncing between feeling empowered and proud of myself to completely sick in my stomach about it. Mostly sick.

"What have I done?" "I can't afford this" "Go back over all those courses you have bought"

For . Fucks . Sake. (excuse my French - I am fluent)

I do know how you feel. To invest in yourself. To face up to changing yourself by taking responsibility for your life. You know where you are is not great, but it's familiar and safe.

You know all the things you should be doing. You have done course after course, read self-help books, you get 20 inspirational emails a day....but who's really holding you accountable? The real reason that nothing is really changing is because you cannot get out of your own way! Because when things start to shift it gets tough. Resistance starts to pull you back, and its fucking (see) hard to stay the distance if you don't have support.

Having someone that I am accountable to - still today - that has helped me re-frame and re-filter the way I see things- or just do it anyway! Once that ball starts rolling its gets easier.

I believe and I know coaching can change your life.

You do have 'it' in you, you may simply need a guiding hand. Or a kick up the arse. Whatever works.

Working with me through my health coaching program, you will…

Fall in love with YOU!
Identify limiting beliefs and rules that are defining your life in ways that may no longer serve you- and set new ones!
Identify how you want to feel in your life and create strategies to do just that
Understand which foods trigger negative reactions .(emotions/weight gain/bloating etc) in you - it might not be what you think!
work toward achieving and maintaining your ideal weight.
Increase your energy levels.
Improve your relationships.
Look at your career, identify your strengths and where they might best fit.
Get a real work life balance, and set long and short term goals.
Rediscover the confidence to create the life you want.

It's YOUR time. Claim it