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28 Days To Pivot

You want to makes changes in your life…could be around health, wealth, relationships, life in general or all of the above… you may even feel like you’re doing all the right things...yet, nothing is shifting.

Want to know the real Secret…?

First you need clarity on what you want. Defined goals. Sounds very business like, I know – and I know we kind of like soft and gentle, however…with love…do you know how many people I speak to that are complaining wildly about what they don’t have…but have no idea what they do want. (hint: most!)

 And secondly you need to take action. Again not fluffy…but you know fluffy doesn’t actually get you very far. Sorry. Not Sorry!

 If you say things like… ‘I want to be healthier’, ‘I want to be richer’, ‘I want to build a business’, ‘I want to change my life’, ‘I want to be happier’ – What you have is fluff. What you don’t have is a destination.

 Without clarity it’s very hard to plan your route.

 I love getting people to do what they want to do. I love getting people through that squirmy, uncomfortable place that you normally retreat from (and I wont let you off – because, beyond this place is where the magic is) and get CLEAR on what they want.



 Fear is what keeps us busy doing everything but taking the real action we need to take.

Fear is what drives us to believe we are not good enough to have what we want.

 Fear is an immobilizer.


The exciting thing to also know is: Fear and Action cannot coexist.

 That’s the Secret you need. I get it, not as seemingly sexy as sitting and visualizing, cross legged before you go back to doing exactly as you have always done. ...Or, is it....

 Seriously though – how sexy do you feel when you get up off your butt and go achieve something. Oh yeah baby! You know what I’m talking about.

 So, it is that simple… Now all you have to do is get out of your own way.


If you’ve had enough of dreaming and then feeling disappointed and frustrated because you feel stuck… this is your time.

If you are spending a big chunk of your time – thoughts and words complaining about your life…this is your time.

If you are done settling for beigethis is your time.

If you are ready to commit to you…this is your time.

So - what does 28 Days To Pivot look like?

Well, I'm glad you asked!

4 weeks of you taking action. Oh yes.

This is 4 weeks to re-IGNITE your spark. Get your body and mind cleared out; get your mindset clear and PIVOT.  If you don’t like the path you are on…this is your fork in the road.

 Right here. Right now.

You can stay exactly where you are…you can choose the path that keeps you in the same groove (read rut) OR


Head on UP the mountain and see the views.

 Work with me and you will:

Cleanse your body and mind.

– Get clear on what is keeping you where you are (find and clear those limiting rules and beliefs)

– Get clear on your goals and dreams &

– Set your action plan.

From me to you:
– This is me coaching and supporting you the whole way.

You receive an eating plan to cleanse your body and mind.

We will have 4 sessions, weekly where we will dig deep and re-set, re-frame and re-focus so you can pivot.

This is your time. Ready!?

 If it’s a HELL YEEEEES – we’ll hop on the phone to see if its a good fit. Click that button below, send me some details and I’ll call you shortly.


Have you ever heard the saying…’If nothing changes, nothing changes‘? ...I know you have. xx