Hi, I’m Jo

I’m a mum, entrepreneur, yoga teacher, wellness advocate….ummmm, kitchen disco initiator, terrible singer – which would explain my love for loud music…I love all things woowoo and I love science…

I am passionate about life! Yours and mine!

I have survived divorce, multiple broken hearts, living away from extended family, moving countries, moving interstate, moving homes – a lot, loss, grief – just like you – because, it’s real life.

And I have loved, deeply until my heart broke open, I have laughed until I peed my pants, I have hugged and been hugged, I have travelled, cried  joyously and in agony, and because sometimes it the only place the emotions can come out, I have been amazed, awe inspired, shocked, saddened and more. Just like you, because, it’s real life.

And though it all I have inquired, questioned, dug deep, learned, sought wisdom, looked at my soul, my essence my inner self. ME. I have deconstructed myself, rebuilt and rewrote my story– each time more aligned with the very core of my spirit and each time the light inside me brightens.

I have deconstructed businesses, rebuilt and created them with people so they can flow.  I have held the hands of people just like you, to deconstruct stories and rebuild and create new ones, ones that have ignited that light within you to shine brighter and stronger.

When I am instigating change I am in my flow, it is my purpose. This wisdom has been learned and cultivated and it’s my soularchetype..  I know it is what I am here to do.

I am here to hold your hand, guide you and hold you up when you want to quit. To rewrite your story takes courage, a lot of courage. I know; I have had to hang on by my fingernails at times!

If you need a change agent, a ghost writer, scaffolding while you rebuild I can be that and more for you. Because, it’s real, you’re real and it’s life.

….More Stuff About Me…

I am passionate about yoga. It’s been a part of my life for many years now – and it is something that will be a part of my life til I die (at at least 108!) … As well as Hatha yoga, I have studied Raja Yoga – the true yoga, yoga of the mind. Ancient teachings that are as relevant today as they were 2000 years ago!  Amazing, right!

I am a huge advocate for and I partner with doTERRA essential oils. I used them initially for personal use. And the more I used them and the more I learned about dōTERRA as a company, the more I saw that everything over the past 15 years had led me here.  The oils themselves have changed our family…supported and opened us, strengthen my emotional well-being and calmed the small ones, invigorated our physical health and kept us well, replaced our cleaning and beauty products. dōTERRA ticks a lot of boxes for me.

I desire to see these oils in every home, as a first line of health management and no-tox products for all. Tick.

dōTERRA source ethically, they test their oils and will not market them if they don’t pass rigorous (external) testing protocols. The efficacy of these oils is outstanding. dōTERRA also have a charitable arm, which is doing some amazing work around the globe. Tick.

Using dōTERRA as my vehicle for change covers all of my drivers; tick. And my passion for supporting women entrepreneurs to rise up, tick.

BIG TICKS all round!!

Contact me or go here if you want to learn more about using and / or selling oils.

I’m passionate about the 2 small humans in my life, E & B… they inspire me, exhaust me, fight me, teach me, shout at me and at times scare the living day light out of me. Mostly in a good way. They are 2 of the most energetic people I know.  As a single lady..our house is intensely …female…Serenity. Not.

I am passionate about creating a life that I love…one that involves working (I wasn’t super happy as a stay-at-home person), picking the kids up from school, being able to travel back to the UK where my family reside (plus places less cold) I desire flexibility, financial freedom and a job I love. I’ve got that now.

I spent most of my ‘pre-kids’ career in corporate sales – work hard play hard type of life. Boy. I did.

After reading a book on how toxic sugar is for the body I decided – like instantly –  that the world needed to know about this!!!! Thankfully there were a couple of people making good progress in that field  but it triggered my enrolling and studying Holistic Health Coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

I studied, juggled small ones and worked part time in the non-profit sector recruiting and deploying international aid workers.

And then …we found ourselves in Canberra. We relocated for my ex’s job and perhaps we hoped it would make everything ok…

I have had an opportunity to work and study with a wonderful biologist Bill Giles, who taught me so much more about keeping the human body health and functioning properly.

I qualified as a Samyama Yoga Teacher with Bill Giles’ school, learning both hatha and raja yoga – and being mentored by a teacher with over 50 years experience a whole lot more besides!

And here’s some more stuff…there are no short stories people…!

I feel empowered, on purpose, I am nice to myself! I forgive myself (regularly!) and I have made peace with my many demons.  I know my body so well, and I know exactly how to nourish it, so I can feel clarity and focus and not get fogged or clogged up.

I have taken myself from feeling, just not well – emotionally or physically – and now I feel like me!! Vibrant and energized with clear thinking and calm moods (E & B will testify to this!) I am not always happy, and sometimes I yell, I still cry – being connected is not about becoming all cheerleadery and perpetually positive…sometimes life sucks and that’s life.

Being connected is about knowing what’s going on with you. Its about knowing when things are grating and asking what am I doing to create this. And what can I shift. It is all about knowing me and who I am. Warts and all! And when life sucks it’s knowing that its not because I suck, or am wrong, or not enough.

And I so want you to be able to know you.  We are all capable and deserving of feeling connected, healthy and well.

And…no I wasn’t always like that…

I have spent most of my life trying to fit into average, being grey so no one would notice me. I was checking off a list and trying to emulate everyone else so I didn’t have to be me.

And so at 35 I was married with 2 kids, good job and a mortgage. I had everything I was supposed to have. I had checked off my list but I felt unfulfilled. I felt as though I has missed the point and didn’t know myself any more.  I didn’t know what I desired; what lit me up, what my ‘purpose’ was.

My (now ex) husband and I had worn each other down to the core and we couldn’t go on. We tried many things to fix our marriage but we finally came to the mutual decision that we were unable to bring out the best; or even the good in one another.

Apart, we find we are committed friends and parents to E and B and have managed to separate like grown-ups, even if we were unable to do that as a married couple.

So now I’m a divorced, single parent. That wasn’t on the list!

A divorce, ouch. I spent the following few years soul-searching and scraping myself off the floor – literally and figuratively.  Tears. Anger. Intense sadness. Guilt. Regret.

Questioning. Self-doubt. Self-loathing.

Lots of self-loathing.

O – I should mention I was really good at this one.  Really good. Now here was a skill I had honed over, ooh about 35 years or so.

When I saw how deep my lack of love for myself went, I realized how I could have ever expect to feel fulfilled,

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen

Well I most definitely had cracks…

In order to hear my own voice I needed to listen to others. In order to take my journey I needed supportive, positive structures around me to motivate, inspire and lead me – to teach me to be myself again.

Broken but letting light in, I began to feel and forgive myself for the first time in a long time. I was able to find how I wanted to FEEL and move toward that.

Love. Freedom. Alignment. Joy. Courage.

I needed to learn to love myself … because how can I be me, when I don’t. How can I show my daughters how to do the same if I don’t.  How can I expect or respect anyone else loving me – if I don’t and can’t.

I aspire to living a life that feels aligned to my path. Joyful, fulfilled, loving and contributing and serving others. I want to be excited by life…!

And so I began to fall in love.





PS. If you are ready to color in your life; if you are willing to MOVE FORWARD and stop finding excuses for why things aren’t going your way….GET IN TOUCH and jump on the phone for a FREE Clarity session…and we’ll work out a plan of action together. x