Do Less. Get More.

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Do Less. Get More.

Getting single pointed focus…
…On what you desire allows you to drop the noise and the fluff. Knowing where you are going, what you need to do and why you are doing what you are doing!

Do less. Get more.

It can be very easy to fool ourselves into what we are doing with our time…yesterday I picked up my phone and started scrolling- when I was supposed to be working…….when I stopped I realised it was 40 FORTY!!! minutes later….it had felt like 2! OMG.  Arghhh totally wasted time..I hate that!!

And it’s all too easy to convince myself that I have worked all day…and while 40 minutes in isolation is not terrible – when you add up all the ‘fluff’ it can be many hours simply wasted…while we fool ourselves into believing we are doing everything we can to build what we want.

Do Less.
Less noise. Less distracting behavior, Less addictive stuff. Less multi-tasking. WAY less multi-tasking! Less snacking. Less TV. Less overthinking (note to self). Less self destructive behavior. Less negative thinking. Less complaining. Less sugar. Less saying yes.

Which creates more..More time. More space. More awareness. More results. More achievements. More clarity on what does need to be done. More focus. More consistency. More YOU!

What can you do LESS of today….that will allow MORE…?


O. And Do This, A Lot…It’s A Game Changer
6:3 breathing

Any time you feel rushed, late, stressed or (and!) overwhelmed: STOP. BREATHE. This simple action will create space and time.

6:3 ‘rectangle’ breathing.
IN for 6, HOLD for 3, OUT for 6, HOLD for 3…repeat.

Do this just a few times and you will notice a MASSIVE and IMMEDIATE shift in your body and mind….in fact…try it now …trust me – it bends time

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