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100% Pure Plant Extract & Nothing Else

doTERRA essential oils are the purest and most potent on the market  - the only oils Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade - better than organic!! Derived from the natural defence system of the plant - the plants immune system - essential oils are 50 -70 time more powerful than herbs.  

Affordable & Safe

Only cents per drop verses costly fees for practitioner visits and prescriptions. Available at home for your first line of defense & support; become your own and your family's healer! Essential Oils can be used to replace highly toxic and expensive household cleaners and beauty products.

Holistic Support For Wellness

Using a variety of oils can support every single physical system of the body and shift and support your emotional 'brain' for complete and holistic wellness.

Internal Use

Add to water, take sublingually or put into a capsule to nourish and sooth the whole body, including the digestive system, mouth, throat, liver & urogenital tract. Use as directed on the labels.


Topical Application

Powerful! Just 1 drop of doTERRA oil can service every single cell of your body! Apply to the soles of the feet and the oil enters your blood stream within 30 seconds for rapid comfort and response. Can be diluted for sensitivities, children, babies, pregnancy, elderly.

Aromatic Use

Inhale or diffuse essential oils to affect mood, kill germs & airborne pathogens and ease breathing.

What Are Essential Oils? And Why Do I Need Them?

When you learn to incorporate essential oils into everyday life you begin to live a natural lifestyle, support and maintain physical health, emotional wellbeing, dramatically reduce the toxins in your home and beauty regime and do it all in harmony with your body.

You begin to promote ease and freedom in your body, mind, health, well being with a superior product that resonate with your body, not fight against it and suppress its responses and warning signs that things are not functioning properly.

Plants produce essential oils to protect them from bugs, virus’s, fungi, bacteria and molds – they are, if you like, the plants immune system. When you source a product created by and maintained as Mama Nature intended you have an oil so potent and pure that your body – also created by ‘Mama Nature’ – can integrate the healing properties of that plant rapidly and safely.

Essential oils have the ability to penetrate the cell membrane enabling them to work with your body to treat the problem rather than masking the symptoms. Essential oils have properties that respond with each and every physical system of the body (such as digestive, respiratory, parasympathetic nervous, limbic and olfactory and the foundation for your health – your immune system) plus, because they are olfactory they respond to your emotional ‘brain’ to manage emotional dis-ease and shift your mood quickly.

Essential oils can safely be used on adults, children & babies to:
+ make skin beautifying and supporting products + create natural personal care products that you may currently spend a fortune on
+ support emotional well-being – reduce anxiety, stress, tension for example.
+ promote deep and restful sleep
+ improve digestive and gut health
+ help to fight colds
+ alleviate headaches ...

to name a few!

My passion, my purpose is to see every home have these oils available as the first line of defense to support your, and your family's overall health and well-being.

Why doTERRA Oils?

Because, yes, it does matter.

doTERRA essential oils are the purest oils available on the market today, brought to you by the world’s largest essential oils company whose owners, collectively, have over 160 years of experience in the oils industry.

doTERRA have a rigorous testing process for each and every batch of oil, and they have established a standard of purity - Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) to ensure global consistency and quality – something you cannot get with an organic certification. If any of the doTERRA oils are found to have any contaminates or adulteration's that batch of oil will NOT make it to you!
And for even more transparency you can check the actual testing results by going to and entering the batch number located on the bottom of your bottle.

How is that for complete and total transparency?
How is that for being able to trust implicitly what you are putting in and on your body, and those of your family?!

doTERRA oils are sourced from all over the globe from wherever that particular plant thrives best, in its natural environment; meaning the potency of that oil is the highest it can be. A lot of the oils are sourced from developing nations and doTERRA’s philanthropic heart runs through everything the company does – particularly through its co-impact sourcing philosophy.

For example:

“The doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing Initiative in Somalia provides frankincense harvesters with greater opportunities for income, while providing doTERRA with access to skilled harvesters who help accomplish the intricate steps of frankincense resin harvesting- ensuring a very high quality product. The doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing Initiative provides frankincense harvesters with fair wages and on-time payments (including food and cash prepayments spread out during the year) by working around the layers of middlemen and instead working directly with those who harvest and sort the frankincense. This arrangement provides a much more stable and reliable income to frankincense harvesters. doTERRA is also working with our partners to ensure that the cleaning and sorting of the frankincense resins takes place as close to the harvesting locations as possible so that these important jobs (typically held by women) remain in rural areas where they are most needed and benefit the harvesting families. Our initiative also ensures that these women receive fair wages and that they are able to work in more favorable working conditions. Along with these sustainable sourcing efforts, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ has also funded the construction of two new schools for hundreds of students from harvester clans. For more information, see more here. These efforts are making a positive impact for improving the rural families’ livelihoods.”
From / you can also visit

The Best Way To Start With doTERRA

There are a couple of options when purchasing doTERRA.

doTERRA have an extensive product range, so by far the most popular way to start with doTERRA is to get yourself a 'kit'. There are kits to suit all budgets and when you purchase a kit you waive the $35AUD membership fee and can access 25% OFF the retail prices 🙂 yay.

Option 1:
Pay a one-off membership fee of $35 and get unlimited oils at wholesale prices for an entire year. (The second year is a $25 membership fee however you receive a free bottle of peppermint oil).

So you choose any single oils, blends, or consumables you like from the product guide and create your own custom order. No minimum order required. (Must make sure to add your $35 ‘Introductory Welcome Packet’ within the checkout as this is your membership).

Purchase any enrollment kit, get an even bigger discount (Over $200 discount on the Home Essentials Kit) and your $35 membership fee is waived. Purchasing a kit is without a doubt the most valuable and intelligent way to get started!

The Home Essentials Kit is the most popular, how I started and the one I teach from as it is incredible value - you get the 10 oils that every home should have (regardless of wants or needs!) + a diffuser and save over $200 in the process!

Click For Information On How to Buy Your doTERRA Oils

There are intelligent ways to buy doTERRA oils to ensure you get the best value plus the opportunity to build your oils collection through doTERRA's generous Loyalty Rewards Program & Free Products.

Foundations To Using Essentials Oils: Class

Let Me Teach You

Contact me today to join a free essential Oils class, either at my home or if you would prefer I can come and teach for you and some friends at your place!

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