Ready to get crystal on your goals for this year?

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This is the time when we close off the year and move into a new day and new year which brings with it hope, excitement, potential.

Most of us have ideals, goals and dreams that we want to work toward when the new year rolls around and I want to help you do things differently this time.

…I used to put myself under pressure to get my goals/intentions done by Jan 1st, lest I miss some magical forces that would cement them into the Universe …  meh!

If you didn’t ‘do your goal’ setting – or if you have done them and already ‘fallen off the wagon!’ Don;t worry – it’s all good! Relax.

You are really better off thinking about exactly what you DO want to achieve and put in place a clear plan to get there … than making airy fairy goals and getting bored of them by Jan 25th!

So to that end, you are invited to a Masterclass I am running on Tuesday 9th January, 7pm AEST.

In this masterclass we will be going deep and getting real. Way real! Because without getting crystal CLEAR on what you desire, specifically, you may end up in the general zone of your goal…yet… it won’t quite hit the spot.

This year I want you to be clear and EXACT about what it is you desire – what it looks like AND feels like.

I want you to get laser focused so that you will know with clarity and confidence what you both DO and DO NOT desire.

This free’s up the room to be able to say NOT THAT to the stuff you don’t really want – rather than compromising and ignoring how you feel deep down while pretending that ‘this is OK’.

NO! Not this year, OK!

Getting clear on what you DO want exactly, gives you the confidence to pass over things that are not that… thus making space for what you DO want.

How many times in the past have you accepted something, settled,  normally through fear, to things that have not been right for you? A lot right?

And yet that thing, person, job whatever…would be perfect for someone else. By holding onto something that not ‘yours’ takes focus and energy away from you seeing what is right in front of you and is perfect-for-you.

The opportunities, people, experiences that you desire are all around you… however unless you know what you want (and don’t want) how will you see them? How will you know what to say YES and NO to? How will you have the confidence to say NO?

You need to state in detail to truly honour what it is that you want.

You may have not been clear in the past for feeling it’s going to limit your options, or that you are being greedy, or too judgemental… and that is exactly why so many people (and me for most of my life) end up settling and ultimately feeling dissatisfied and discontented.

It’s not about judging yourself as being better than someone else – it is about you ignoring your soul’s deepest desires…which we can only do for so long before life starts to grate…and we move on and do the same thing again …

If you want 2018 to be different you will need to set it up differently.

In this masterclass on Tuesday 9th January, 7pm AEST I will take you through an exact process to set up your 2018 for the greatest chance of success.

In this masterclass you will learn how to:
++Get rid of the fluff so you can dig out exactly what you truly desire.

++Leverage your fear and pain points as motivators

++Get laser focussed on what your desires look & feel like so you can recognise them and grab them when you see them!
++How to remove the emotional charge from the major stresses in your life (Stress causes the most damage to your health, so if better health is a goal – it will likely take more than diet.)

++How to create goals that come from your heart and soul over your head.

++How to create a tool from your soul-aligned-goals that will help to create momentum and focus and keep you moving forward.

There is a small investment ($22) for this class.

Let’s make this year, the year. YOUR YEAR!

To register for the class click here and process your investment of $22 and you will receive a link to join the class at the time; plus the recording after.

Love Jo xx

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