Sometimes The Only Way Is Up (and Sometimes the Truth Hurts)

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Gratitude can be enough to change a shitty situation into one you can resolve.

Easy peasy.  Yet it’s not always so simple to practice, especially when you feel like life is falling apart.

And it can be really easy to fall into the ‘if only’ …. the problem with ‘if only’ is it’s telling yourself that you ‘can’t be’ now.

Gratitude can as straight forward as shifting your focus from the problem to the solution.

Focus on what is working. Over what’s not.

Focusing on what you do have.

Even if the only thing you can find to notice is the fact that you are breathing and can think.

These are the basic skills required for you to do something. Anything.

As long as you are breathing you have the power to change.

There are people who are sinking at the bottom of a massive pile of debt…and the only thing they can do is keep spending or refuse to sell something. Because it feels so hopeless, they have gone so far there is no way back. They will keep doing what it is they have done to create the problem….because they cannot bear to look at the problem.

People who’s health is so damaged who continue to eat junk food and smoke cigarettes. Because as soon as they stop, they will have to look at what they have done. And face up to the problem.

The pain is too great. The fear is too great.


As long as you are breathing you can stop walking along the path you are on. And turn around.

Imagine that you are at the bottom of a valley and all you can see are steep sides – but there is no view and you cannot really go anywhere…but up.

In the beginning it was easier to climb down than it was to take the road that led up. However at some point in all our lives we all reach the bottom of a path as a result of choices we have made previously… and the only way to go now is back up.

The further you have gone down the harder it will be. The longer the journey back. The steeper the climb.

However, you can.

It begins with a choice. And an action.

Followed by another choice and another action.

Followed by….you get the idea.

Have gratitude that you have the ability to choose.
Use gratitude to create a solution.

And make a choice.

You got this.


To climb a mountain takes skill and expertise. You would never go and tackle Everest without a guide and a shed load of training.

Whatever your mountain is looking like – financial, health, career… invest in yourself.

Go find someone who has tackled what you are about to tackle and learn from them. It’s a hell of a lot easier than trying to work it out yourself, failing, and then giving up.

Not that I wish to say you will fail….but why take the risk? Why not short cut and go learn from someone who is where you want to be. If Sir Issac Newton can do it – so can you.

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”.

Learn from those who have gone before you. Invest in yourself. First and foremost. There are so many ways you can do this:

Get a mentor – it could be a friend. Someone you know who is financially secure, in a happy marriage, healthy and disease free – who is basically where you want to be.
(PS. don’t pick someone who will simply tell you want you want to hear – or who is not where you want to be!! Your bestie is probably not your best choice!)

Getting a mentor will mean you have to expose yourself (not literally!!) which is going to be hard. Yet don’t let that fear of vulnerability stop you.

Becoming vulnerable requires the greatest strength of all.

Educate yourself.
Connect with people doing the same thing as you want to do.
Find a tribe.
Invest in a coach.
Invest in tools that will assist you.

I know one of the greatest barriers for many people is an inability, no, an unwillingness to invest financially in themselves.  And that is one of the greatest barriers when it comes to changing something in your life.

“I’m in debt – so I can’t spend money on getting help to get out of it”
“I have chronic ill health – it should be free for me to get help”
“I’m unhappy but I am not doing anything wrong, I just attract the wrong people”


If you are serious about resolving your problem you must cut the excuses. Otherwise there will always be a reason why you can’t.

And you know in 99.9% of cases…the money gets spent anyway.

It boils down to choices and action.

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